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Why writers must have a website?

10 Reasons Why Every Writer Needs a Website

Hey Wordsmiths and Storytellers!  

My name is Mithru Rachamalla, Founder & CEO of ArtoonsInn. If you are reading this article, then I assume you are a Writer, Blogger, Reviewer, poet or a publisher author.

Do read the article till the very end.  

Before I take you further, let me ask you a question.  

Why do you write? 




Think about it for a minute. Keep your answer in your mind and continue reading. 

In the current digital age where words travel faster than ever, having your own website is like having your cozy writing nook on the internet. So, why do you need a website? Let’s dive into the world of online possibilities.

  1. Your Writing Home Base

Imagine your website as a virtual home where readers can find all things you. It’s like inviting them over for a cup of tea and some good reads. Your website is where your stories, poems, or articles call home sweet home.   

  1. Showcase Your Portfolio

Got a killer short story or that mind-blowing article you’re proud of? Your website is the place to show off your best work. It’s like your writing trophy cabinet – a visual feast for anyone curious about your writing prowess.   

  1. Connect with Your Tribe

Social media is cool, but your website is like your private writing club. Readers who resonate with your words can subscribe and become a part of your exclusive reader community. It’s like having your own squad cheering you on! 

  1. Your Writing Resume

You’re a wordsmith, and your website is your online resume. It’s where you flaunt your writing skills, achievements, and all the cool places your words have been. Think of it as your own shining billboard saying, “Hey world, I’m an awesome writer!”  

  1. Reach Readers and other Writers Anywhere, Anytime

Your words shouldn’t have a curfew. With a website, readers can access your work 24/7, no matter where they are. It’s like leaving the light on for your stories to welcome readers whenever they drop by. 

  1. Be Discoverable

We all have Googled for good stories to read online. Search engines like Google love websites. Having your own space online makes it easier for people to find you. It’s like putting a big neon sign saying, “Amazing Writer Lives Here!” and attracting readers from all corners of the web. 

  1. Dive into Writing Adventures

Your website isn’t just about showcasing finished pieces. It’s a canvas for your writing journey. Share your writing process, behind-the-scenes snippets, and let readers in on the magic of your creative world. It’s like giving them a backstage pass to the writer’s life. 

  1. Make money

Yes. It’s not a fictional story. You CAN make money with your website and Geeks room support staff would guide you through it. This doesn’t mean Day 1: you setup a website and Day 2: you’ll start making money. If you are a regular writer and can attract more readers, your chances of making good money are high.   

Are you thinking “All this sounds great, but I don’t think I can manage a website with my technical knowledge.”? 

Don’t worry about it at all. Geeks Room will assign a dedicated support manager who will be an email away and will manage the website for you. Yes, the support manager will manage the website for you. All you have to worry about is your writings. You can publish your writings on your website in simple 3 steps. So, even if you possess zero technical knowledge, you can own a writer website with Geeks Room. 

Now the important question. Costs. 

I understand cost is an important factor for most of the writers or anyone for that matter. For the same reason, the cost for setting up and managing websites of ArtoonsInn Writers is very veryy veryyy less. You won’t believe the number when you finally hear it. I do not want to mention the cost here because if any of the writer wants something complicated on their website, Geeks room cannot meet their expectation in such less cost.   

Some projects we launched in last two months 
Jayashree Pillai: https://weavingmomentsjaya.artoonsinn.com/ 
Anya: https://anyasmusings.com/ 
The Book Bracket: https://thebookbracket.com/ 

So, dear writers, think of your website as your online writing kingdom. It’s where your words rule, and readers are welcomed with open arms. I am looking forward to talking to you.   

Just so you know we work on business website projects as well.

Ping us on WhatsApp: +91 90598 11 895 
Email: [email protected] 
Website: geeks.artoonsinn.com 

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