I am a writer. Do I need a website?

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No matter what kind of writer you are—a novelist, a non-fiction book writer, a freelance writer, or even a brand-new writer without a clue—you need a website.


1. A website provides a professional online presence.

Whether you’re penning a novel or hustling freelance work, publishers and clients need to know who you are and what you offer. Where will they look?

A knock-out query letter isn’t enough. Editor and literary agent inboxes are loaded with queries, and they need to know more. Plus, you need to shine, stand out from the competition, and show editors you’re the perfect fit. You also need to show you’re up-to-date with technology.

How can you do that without a website?

2. A website gives potential readers or clients a way to find your book or services.

You might have a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn presence, but your website provides the authority you need. It’s your “home base” and ultimate marketing tool (even if you hate marketing).

Plus, it’s just expected. Ten or fifteen years ago, you might be forgiven if you didn’t have your own website. These days, it’s almost impossible to be a writer without one.

And if readers search the Web because they want to know more about you, or if a local business is looking for a freelance writer, don’t you want them to find you?

3. A website is critical to marketing success.

If you’re a book writer planning to go the traditional route—with literary agents and publishers—you need to establish an online identity. After all, publishers expect you to do a lot of your own marketing these days.

And if you’re planning to self-publish, a website becomes even more critical. Readers and fans need to know who you are and what you write.

Try this: enter “Stephen King” in a search engine. What comes up first? Try any other writer who’s at least somewhat successful. Even if their website isn’t the latest and greatest as far as design goes, they’re out there with their websites.

4. A website allows you to develop an email list.

Whether you’re writing your first book or your fifth in a series, you want to get the word out. Even if you only have a static website (with no blog), potential readers will want to be the first to know about your upcoming publication.

You can offer a free sample chapter or some other material as an incentive for signing up. And if you provide other services, such as coaching or copywriting, there’s no limit to what you can offer.

5. A website with a blog is a canvas for your best work.

This is especially important for new freelance writers. Even if you don’t have any clips or have only a few, your website and blog serve as evidence of your writing skills.

Even if you don’t have a blog—or you don’t update frequently—you can feature enough of your writing to show off your experience.

A website can also feature a résumé or portfolio.

6. A website with a blog keeps you writing or gets you started.

If you’re in between assignments, posting an update to your blog keeps your fingers tapping and writer-mind working. It’s not just “something to do in between gigs”; it gives you an opportunity to work on your style, voice, or any aspect of your writing you want to work on. It’s also motivation to keep up with a regular writing schedule.

If you’re a new writer, a website with a blog gives you a chance to practice your craft. Develop confidence. Get feedback from family, friends, and new readers who stop by. Meet other writers.

Plus, it helps you decide what to write if you’re not sure. Want to be a travel writer? Write about traveling. Want to write about healthy lifestyles or a sport you love? Go for it.

7. A website with a blog provides networking opportunities and builds confidence.

Whether you’re a novelist, a non-fiction writer, or a freelance writer, you need to meet people. You need to learn about other writers and see what they’re doing. You need to stay up-to-date.

Even if you’re the biggest introvert in the world and shy on top of it, maintaining a blog gets you—and your writing—in front of people without actually getting face-to-face. Sure, you might be way out of your comfort zone. But if you want to succeed as a writer, maintaining a blog is a great confidence-builder.

8. A website with a blog can help you develop additional sources of income.

If you’re writing a novel or working as a freelance writer, you might need some form of additional income. Your website can provide the platform from which to do that. You may place Ads, provide writing services, etc.

#9. A blog on your website helps your search rankings.

Let’s say you’re a freelance writer just getting started with travel writing.

If someone searches for “Your Name” and “Your Website,” your static website will most likely show up first.

But if someone does a keyword search with “freelance writer” and “budget travel,” your site might show up after a few dozen other sites. If you’re lucky.

If you maintain a blog, however, and update it regularly, chances are much better that search results will place you higher. The reasons are complicated, and it’s dependent on other factors, too. But the main thing is that search engines like Google regard a larger, frequently updated site with well-written content as more valuable and, therefore, rank it higher.

Your own writer’s website—if you don’t already have one—doesn’t have to be fancy.

If you have some technical skills, you may consider hiring a designer or buy a website theme/template and try self-hosting your website and manage it, but if you do not have any technical skills and still wish to have a website of your own, ArtoonsInn Geeks Room is there just for people like you.

-We will provide you with a dedicated support manager, unlike any hosting provider there is.
-Your support manager will explain how things work at Geeks Room.
-Your support manager will share website templates with you from which you can choose the best look for your website.
-Your support manager will set up your website.
-Your support manager will take care of your website hosting.
-Your support manager will explain in simple language how to use your website.
-Your support manager will take care of your website security. YES! We do that too, again, unlike any other provider!
-Your support manager will be your primary contact and will be there with you from the beginning.
-You can discuss things, you can ask questions –you can even tell your personal stories to your support manager. Just kidding!

Don’t procrastinate any further. If you are into writing, you ought to have a website of your own, period.

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