We are very proud of the service we provide for our customers. In fact, we see a client relationship drastically more personal than that of most agencies in our field. Our client relationships do not start at 9AM and end at 6PM—they stay with us to continually receive the quality service they deserve.
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It is my website so obviously, I love it but let me tell you how I got to love it. It was the hard work put in by people in the Geeks Room. Read my full review on the Geeks Room Facebook page. | www.shwetasbasket.com
Shweta Singh
Founder & Owner
I recently launched my venture viritisjournal.com. The site is hosted by The Greeks Room.
The services at the greeks room can be relied upon. They are there at their toes to serve your concerns. I am glad to work with them.
Founder & Owner
When I approached The Geeks Room, I had an idea about what I wanted my site to be like. I was juggling too many things and I wanted all that in one place. I was very picky about the site design, its layout, color scheme...in fact, everything. I admit, I interfered a lot. Any other web design company would have chucked me out but not The Geeks Room.
The account manager assigned to me, Monica did a phenomenal job on the site. She intuitively understood what I wanted and gave me a tailor-made solution. Monica has worked and re-worked the site for days and nights on end till I was satisfied. There were even quite a few suggestions that she and her team made. I had no idea, I could even do those things via the site. The support I got was just fantastic.
The best part is that it did not cost me a bomb. I would have been ripped off any place else (ah! you'll understand once you see my site - www.onsonalstable.com) Geeks Room has also set up my company's website www.rianplacements.com
The Geeks Room comes off the top in my list. Thank you, guys.
Sonal Singh
Founder & Owner
www.nishasmusings.com | It’s been around a month now since we conceived the idea of bringing all my Literary work under one umbrella. As a novice blogger, way back in 2010 I created multiple blogs and would randomly post them. Then on various social media platforms, I would share my musings, blogs, poems. It was all over the place and wished I could assemble them for easy access. Someone up there (The Geek’s Room) must have heard me and appeared with a solution. The task was assigned to Shreya and I thank God they sent me someone so patient. Technically I am not very sound so had my limitations, but she did not lose her patience. She found a solution to every problem I came up with. Kudos to her.
Nisha Tandon
www.realmofnitinitika.com | I highly recommend ArtoonsInn Geeks for getting your website developed. The best part about working with them is their promptness in setting up things, understanding your requests, and taking every effort to give you much more than what you want. I also got my logo developed from them and I was surprised at the thought they put in giving me a perfect one! I absolutely loved it. I am complimenting myself for choosing ArtoonsInn and suggest you all to take their services. Trust me, they are really different from the regular website developers. There's something about them that sets them apart and you'll surely get a feeler of it when you work with them. My website was developed by Shreya and I can't thank her enough for being so prompt and catering to my every little request. Thanks a lot, Shreya and the entire ArtoonsInn Geeks Room team.
Nitika Sawhney
www.meerasoasis.com | Well, I was working slower than a snail. The thoughts about having a website have always been there and it was like too many things and I wanted to create an oasis for myself. Being a laidback and a procrastinator, the thoughts were moving at a tortoise's speed. But Shreya from Geek's room ensured that the Dinosaur in me needs a break and that is possible in the oasis I create for myself. Kaapi, oops coffee is an energizer and somewhere in my mind I was looking for a Coffee/vintage shade but landed up reviewing several other website layouts, I didn't settle with the available options. And again, Thanks to Shreya for traveling with me and finding out what my neurons really wanted, and then rest is a beautiful story. Shreya and Mithru, Thank you for your support, and am happy with the outcome on my page. Yes, it's not the only word of mouth but I have been talking to many about building their inn in the www space, and Geek's room is the best to help!
Meera Bharat
I was yearning for a website of my own, hence I approached Artoonsinn Geeks Room. I was amazed, the way Shreya handled my request. She was all ears for all my concerns at all times. She meticulously addressed all the interminable queries of an apprehensive and an ambiguous mind. She even pointed out that the first logo for my website (www.penningpassions.com) wasn’t good enough with background hence suggested a “transparent version”. It was because of her, I could come up with such a marvelous logo.
She with utmost calmness, intricately and vividly explained to me the back-end of the website working. Being an amateur, she even addressed my inane queries without any displeasure.
I’d definitely recommend Artoonsinn Geeks Room, if you want a website of your own. They’re simply the best.
Debashree Basak
www.wordsopedia.com | I was recommended ArtoonsInn by my friend Meera Bharath, and getting in touch with your technical team has undoubtedly been the best decision I have taken.  For someone like me who doesn't understand the T of technology, the Geeks at Geeks room held my hand all throughout and gave me comfort and confidence to sail through.
My support manager Shreya was extremely professional and never lost her patience despite my insane number of requests for change. She guided me right from choosing the template to understanding the various plans being offered by Geeks Room. On the rare occasions when my request could not be considered, she always came up with an alternative which was satisfactory. In fact, she also advised me against investing in plugins which would increase my initial cost. Lastly, the pricing options are extremely affordable, and offer choices based on one's needs.
On a scale of 10, I would say my satisfaction level is at a 20! Needless to say,  I would recommend Geeks Room to anyone looking at having their own Web site.
Thank you for making Wordsopedia a dream come true. Best wishes to you and your entire team.
Chandra Sundeep