Our step by step process 

Our process is simple, transparent, and friendly. Unlike any web designing company, we are focusing on providing website services to people, especially from a non-technical background. Spend 2 minutes of your time for your future. Read our process explained in simple words below. 

Connect with us Chat/Email/Call

The first step, obviously, is to connect with us. You may chat with us by clicking on the Live Chat option at the bottom right corner, or WhatsApp/Call us on +91 9059811895, or Email us at geeks@artoonsinn.com. We will respond as quickly as we can. We do not like to keep people who trust us waiting. 

You will be received by one of our friendly support managers with a warm welcome. He/She would be the one who discusses things, builds/sets up your website, solves your queries, sees you grow with your website, and buys you a pizza each time your website hits a milestone. If you have read reviews written by our existing clients, you must be knowing how cool and full of patience our support managers are. So, feel free to bother us as you share what's on your mind.

P.s: We are just kidding about the pizza thing. But, well, we will see about that.

What's on your mind?

Share what's on your mind with your support manager.

1st way: We know most people don't have a clue what to even discuss. That's totally alright. We will ask a few simple questions in a way you will be able to answer them very easily, and based on your answers, we will read your mind. Hahahah... yeah, we are quite capable.

2nd way: Did you see a random website and felt like you should have your website just like that or almost like that? Well, that's great then. Just share the link to that website with us and we can talk about it. 

3rd way: If you already know what exactly is in your mind, we are already excited and all ears.

Pick a design for your website

Based on your requirements, your support manager would be sharing a few website designs for you to choose from. You can pick your favorite design from the given list of designs to take things forward. 

A few example websites set up and hosted by us:


  1. https://onsonalstable.com/
  2. https://shwetasbasket.com/
  3. https://chandrikarkrishnan.com/
  4. https://nishasmusings.com/


  1. https://priyreflects.com/
  2. https://shellstonefiction.com/

Placements and Recruitments: https://rianplacements.com/

Bakery: http://www.nicdarkthemes.com/themes/bakery/wp/demo/bakery/

Food Blog: http://www.nicdarkthemes.com/themes/bakery/wp/demo/blogger/

Coffee Bar: http://www.nicdarkthemes.com/themes/bakery/wp/demo/coffee-bar/

Pastry Shop: http://www.nicdarkthemes.com/themes/bakery/wp/demo/pastry/

We have designs for every purpose. Kindly get in touch with us for more.

Choose your website domain

Once you have selected your design, it is time to choose your website domain.


The website domain is the address of your website. 
Eg: www.artoonsinn.com, here the domain name is 'artoonsinn'.

If you are from a technical background and are aware of how domains and DNS settings work, you may register the domain on your own, or your support manager would get it done for you.

How much to pay?

For any website to be online, it has to be on a server where all the website content will be stored. Every website owner pays a small website hosting fee once a year to the hosting provider. Since we will be hosting your website and keeping it online 24/7 throughout the year and beyond, you would be paying a small hosting fee once a year to us. We have three different hosting plans depending on the kind of website yours is and the options you choose. We have three hosting plans. 

  1. Guest-H --> Rs. 5600/year | For very basic websites. No other additional costs. 
  2. Green-H --> Rs. 6600/year | For professional websites. No other additional costs. 
  3. Artoon-H --> Rs. 8989/year | For professionals who want more growth options, offer services, and for e-commerce websites. Additional costs may apply for e-commerce websites and payment gateway setup.

Note: Our Artoon-H plan includes a Free domain if we manage it from our end, or we discount off Rs. 600 from your hosting payment which comes to Rs. 8389/year in case you wish to register the domain on your own.

Check our hosting plan options here: https://geeks.artoonsinn.com/pricing/

Project duration

Your support manager would now initiate the work and set up your website within 7-14 working days for non-commercial websites and for commercial websites, the duration may depend on the requirements which would be communicated by your support manager.

Launching the website

Your support manager would be in touch with you as the project progresses. You may sit and relax until the website is ready for launch. Once your website is ready, you will be provided with promotional posters highlighting your brand/domain name as "Coming soon.." to share with your friends and followers on social media. You may decide a date of launch and your support manager would make the website available for the public to see on that very particular date and time you decide. 

What happens after the launch?

As long as your website is hosted with us, your support manager will be in touch with you. You may always connect with him/her for any queries or development-related questions. Consider us as your friends pushing you towards success. Don't ever hesitate to get in touch with your support manager whether it be a silly or complicated question. We will always do our best to help you out.

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