Guide to ArtoonsInn Affiliates

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Affiliate Marketing is an effective way for anyone with a blog or social media following to earn money. You promote ArtoonsInn Geeks Room to your followers, and if they get a website from us through your affiliate link, you are rewarded Rs. 1000 per referral.

A lot of people think of affiliate marketing as a way to make easy, passive income. That is only partially true.

Sure, you can make some money by just slapping a few links on your website, but if you really want to profit from affiliate marketing, you’ll have to put some thought and strategy into it.

Below are a few ideas from us for you think of and then use your own creativity to earn easy money via our Affiliate program.

Strategy 1: Do you have your own website/blog? Write articles about why it is important to have one’s own website in the current digital world. Be honest, be interesting. Show them what they are missing. Add your affiliate link at the bottom as your recommendation.

Strategy 2: Share the affiliate link on your social media handles, Facebook groups where people who would likely be interested in having their own website. For example, writing communities, business communities, etc.

Strategy 3: Regularly comment your affiliate link with a short and catchy description on random page posts with lots of activity.

About Geeks Room

Geeks Room is one of many rooms at ArtoonsInn dedicated to providing websites to artists, small businesses and service providers.