Affiliates of The Geeks Room

About the Geeks Room of ArtoonsInn:  

The Geeks Room (TGR) is one of many rooms at ArtoonsInn being built to provide tech. support to artists. Currently, TGR is providing website designing, Setup, Hosting, and Graphic designing services. Unlike any other website and hosting providers, TGR is dedicated to supporting artists especially those without any technical background to go online with their arts –that too at affordable prices. 

Who are Affiliates? 

ArtoonsInn wishes to create jobs, self-employment opportunities for as many people as it can. With the same goal in mind and with mutual interest, we have introduced an Affiliate program at the Geeks Room. Affiliates get paid for introducing and helping artists in entering The Geeks Room of ArtoonsInn. The Geeks Room is ready to discuss and help set up any kind of website given the requirements are achievable. 

For each referral of yours, you will be entitled to receive 20% of their first hosting plan payment.

How does it all happen? 

The Geeks Room is currently taking Affiliates through invite-only. Once a member is invited to become an Affiliate of The Geeks Room, he/she can Register as an Affiliate on and they will be able to see their Affiliate link and their dashboard where they can keep track of their referrals, earnings, and payments. 

Affiliates can now share their affiliate link with their possible referrals and ask them to check the website and the plans. If the referral uses that link to open the website, it will be saved in the Affiliate dashboard. There is a 30 days cookie limit put on each click. Only if the referral registers with any plan within 30 days from their each click date the reference will be valid and can be tracked on Affiliate Dashboard. 

How and when will I get paid? 

While signing up The Geeks Room would request for your Bank account details where your earnings will be deposited to. You’ll be able to request a payout anytime given you have at least 500 INR in your earnings. Payments may take 2-7 days for processing. All payments will be cleared only once your referral has completed their 30 days of hosting duration.


I am not sure if I can do this, but I want to do this. 

Worry not. The Geeks Room would provide a support manager for every affiliate who you can contact whenever you have any queries. This support manager would also train you on how you can approach your possible referrals. 

Thank you. How do I start? 

Once you get an invitation from The Geeks Room to become an Affiliate, you can go ahead and sign up as an affiliate on the website 

You will see an affiliate link once you log in which you can send to your possible referrals. Ask them to check our hosting or website plans to start with. 

What exactly is The Geeks Room offering at the moment? 

The Geeks Room is currently offering websites at affordable pricing on WordPress CMS. Affiliates may reach out to not only those who wish to get a website for the first time but also those who are already using a WordPress or Blogspot website. These individuals’ website links would look something like The Geeks Room would help them with a better website with the features that a website in the current trend would need to stand out in the growing competition.  


*T&C apply 

Note: The terms and guidelines are subject to change. Affiliates are advised to regularly check the terms and guidelines of this arrangement.